About Me

Alexandra Hinojosa, USC Annenberg Graduate Student Alexandra Hinojosa, or Alex, is a USC Graduate student studying Print Journalism. Alex graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a bachelor’s in Communication: Print Journalism and a minor in Creative writing.

During her time at UTEP, Alex wrote news, sports and entertainment for the University’s newspaper, The Prospector and later was promoted to the paper’s sports editor. She also interned at the El Paso Police Department where she worked as the Editor for their community newsletter.

Prior to her education at UTEP, Alex began her undergraduate education at McMurry University where she was a member of the cross country team and was the Layout Editor for the University’s literary magazine, The Galleon.

After she graduates from USC, Alex hopes to work for a local newspaper and hopefully later on in life Time magazine. She is also looking forward to working with online components.

During her first semester at USC, Alex worked for the USC Dental School’s healthy newsletter where she wrote articles regarding healthy dental practices and other health related articles. Alex also interned at the Los Angeles Business Journalwhere she worked on in the paper’s Weekly Forum section and EconoWatch. Occasionally, she wrote small profile pieces for the paper. Her most recent internship was with the El Paso Times where she interned as a general assignment reporter. Here are some of her articles.


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