New York Times Square Closed

1 05 2010

From the New York Times:

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Cu-Cu for Cocoanuts

29 04 2010
Côco by Ricardo Martins. Mardis Gras, a time to revel in festivities, gain colorful beads in many ways, and a time for parades and floats. But apparently the celebration was too much for one woman who is filing a lawsuit against the Zulu Social Club and Pleasure Club of New Orleans for negligence claiming that one of the cocoanuts they threw hit her in the head and has since caused her nightmares, depression and an overall displeasure of Mardis Gras. This report comes from the Los Angeles Times and I couldn’t help but say something about it.

Apparently, cocoanut throwing is one of the many Mardis Gras traditions. However, let’s give this woman the benefit of the doubt for a split second – In the past revelers and parade participants have been hit on their noggins with these heavy fruits. Since these past incidents New Orleans has instated a “no throwing” rule for cocoanuts. Instead they are to be handed to parade goers and visitors during Mardis Gras. With that in mind, it seems as if this recent lawsuit has something to go on – but here’s the catch: Apparently these cocoanuts that were being thrown are a new kind of cocoanut – they were hollow and were light weight and therefore Zulu is stating that the “no throwing” rule doesn’t apply to these cocoanuts.

Now, getting hit in the head and perhaps getting a concussion from such a heavy object such as a cocoanut is socially defensible. Nobody likes to get hit in the head with something that might cause a bruise or any amount of pain for that matter – but to say that you’re getting nightmares and dreaming of cocoanuts flying at your head is another thing. She is claiming that her nightmares are keeping her awake and describing them. (Yes, the flying cocoanut dream is in her deposition). This is by far, the silliest lawsuit since the McDonald’s one…and I believe even the McDonald’s lawsuit (over the hot coffee spilled) had by far many many more grounds to stand on than this current one.

There is one easy way to solve this without having to go to the courts: In an elementary school style have the prosecutor throw a cocoanut at the defendant’s head so that they can each be even. To see what the Zulu court has to say about this nutty case click here.

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