Rainy weather ahead

Rains do not dampen flights

DSCN1209FEB 13 — After two days without rain, Los Angeles county is about to get soaked once again as today’s storm is expected to be the first in a series of storms for weekend.

This week’s incoming and outgoing storms has not affected air traffic at the Los Angeles International Airport, nor has it caused any major delays LAX spokesperson Marshall Lowe said.

“We haven’t had any problems,” Lowe said. “Everything is normal.”

But Luz Arango, who had planned to visit her friends in San Diego this weekend, changed her plans due to the damp weather and decided to visit some friends in New Mexico where it was dry.

“There’s no point,” Arango said of visiting San Diego. “It’s raining and it’s cold and there’s not much to do outside with this weather.”

A total of 1.9 inches of rain has fallen since Thursday of last week. This year’s annual amount of rainfall so far is at a low 6.1 inches, less than the annual normal of 8.6 inches. Arango said she found this week’s weather to be rather unusual but said despite her change in her weekend plans she appreciated it.

“No matter what, California weather doesn’t really get that bad,” Arango said. “I’m actually pretty happy with it, it could be much worse.”


The National Weather Service of Los Angeles and Oxnard counties predicts the rains will continue on through the weekend and are likely to carry into Wednesday of next week, with a chance of thunderstorms. Pea size hail is also anticipated toward the higher Santa Clarita and Burbank areas. Weather specialist for the National Weather Service, Stuart Seto, expects Sundays storm to be the biggest one of the season with a chance of 2 to 3 feet of snow expected to accumulate in the mountain hill area.

DSCN1205 “If you’re traveling toward the resort areas some precautions you might want to take is to chain your tires,” Seto said. “While there might not be snow on the road there’s a chance that the roads could be covered in ice.”

Seto also said everyone should refrain from swimming in the creeks or the L.A. Basin as the rain will cause the water levels to rise.

LAX does not expect to experience delays or problems this weekend, Lowe said, even with the series of storms predicted for this weekend but said anyone who is going to travel this weekend should plan ahead just in case.  

“The main thing is to make sure you’re plane is leaving on time,” Lowe said. “You should allow yourself enough time to get here and find a parking and allow yourself enough time to get here, taking traffic and the weather into consideration.


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