Broadcast packages

Below are the broadcast packages I produced during my 2 years at USC. All the video footage, editing,  reporting and interviews was done by me.

Sounding the Sirens:
May 8, 2009 – Will multiple officers in the LAPD be allowed to turn on their sirens when responding to an emergency call? City Council takes on the issue this week and decides.

Bank on L.A.:
April 16, 2009 – Los Angeles has the largest unbanked population in the nation. To encourage Angelenos to use banks the city has proposed the Bank on L.A. initiative.

Pasadena Blood Donors:
April 1, 2009: Firefighters give everyone in and around Pasadena a chance to be heroes and save lives with a blood donation.

Pet Boarding Services:

March 26, 2009 – With today’s economic slump pet owners are looking for other options to board their pets.

Freedom of the Press Protects:
Feb., 25, 2009: Under a new state law high school journalism advisors are protected.

Uninsured Bicycle Messengers
Feb., 5, 2009 – Each day bicycle messengers risk their lives as they dodge traffic to deliver packages each day.


One response

6 04 2009
Faustino C. Payán

Good Stories! I’m proud of you. 🙂

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