What to write

My passion for telling stories began as soon as I learned to read and write. The stories I wrote ranged from tales about my dog Waldo who traveled the world to fantasies about genies and dragons.
Today the passion continues only at a different level where I write to tell stories about people, events, and places.

During my undergraduate years I wrote news, entertainment and sports stories and in the process of writing for each section, I discovered that I really and truly loved writing feature stories about athletes. Somehow being able to show people out there that there was more to them than meets the eye was the favorite part of my job.

Along the same lines I am also passionate about certain sports-specifically cross country and the middle and long distance races as well as the relays in track. That passion goes along with my passion for running shoes and spikes and eating healthy – No I’m not one of those health nuts you hear about that will only eat certain foods and is on a certain diet, I simply believe that everything is good in moderation. I am also interested in learning what natural foods such as fruits and vegetables, can help maintain ones health.

Lastly, within the last year I have become passionate about stem cell research and any other research that relates to finding cures or preventative measures for Parkinson’s disease, breast cancer and diabetes. All of these diseases have touched me and members of my family in some way and therefore has made me eager to learn more about preventative medicine and studies.

In the end my ultimate goal is to write about politics and features stories revolving around people who are affected by the law and our governmental policies.


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